Ingredients for Vanilla Sea Salt caramels:

Ingredients Mixed Milk and Dark Chocolates.
72% Dark and 38% Milk CHOCOLATE- Fair Trade - Sugar, Cream, Cocoa, Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla Beans
CARAMEL - Pure Cane Sugar, Cream, Butter, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla, Lemon Juice, Salt
COLOR - DECORATION (Cocoa Butter, Color exempt from certification) CONTAINS: Milk


Will contain real ingredients to naturally infuse caramel with flavor:

Balsamic Vinegar, Coffee Beans, Raspberries, , Apple Cider, Apple Sauce, , Maple Syrup, Guiness(TM)  Stout, Tea, Candied Bacon, Smoked Salt, 

Herbs and Spices - Cinnamon, Old Bay (TM), Lavender, Rosemary, Cardamom, Anise, Cloves, Pepper, Fennel.

Nuts - Almonds, Hazelnut Paste, Peanut Butter (we use separate tools for nut products, and do our best to avoid cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee nut-free status)

Vegan Caramels - Dark Chocolate plus: Pure Cane Sugar, Coconut/Almond Milk, Coconut/Almond Butter, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla, Lemon Juice, Salt.

Pies Caramel Ingredients: Dark Chocolate plus


Holiday Cheer Ingredients: Dark Chocolate plus


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